Monday, September 27, 2010

Command Squad Veterans

Last week I showed you Captain Shout, my Company Commander, so here's the rest of his squad. Being veterans, I wanted to make them stand out so I used a variety of bits to differentiate them from the rest of my force, and hopefully make them look battle-hardened!

For those interested, they've got Space Marine Scout heads, Catachan legs (I like these for veterans as they have lots of pouches already on them) and various backpacks and other bits and pieces.

In the interests of making these guys stand out, I decided to soup up the squad's voxcaster as well. I added an extra antenna from some guitar string and made the knob at the end with some plasticard rod. It's very long, but I quite like it - it will help with long-range communications across the battlefield!


The Antipope said...

I appreciate the fact that you took this extra step and make these guys unique but the heads just scream SPACE MARINES to me. Can't look at them withought thinking that they are SM scouts instead of guardsmen, sorry.
I like their poses though, they look confident and driven.

Frag_Dad said...

Thanks for the comments Antipope! I had to think about using the scout heads originally - for the exact reason you've mentioned - but decided to go for it in the end. I couldn't really see anything in the aesthetics that made them more suited to SM than the Guard - at least, to me, it's just that they're usually seen on scout miniatures!

I appreciate your opinion though - it's good to get some critical feedback, and even though I haven't changed my models this time, it's good to be forced to have a think about things!

The Antipope said...

No worries just saying my opinion here.
Yes, they are human heads after all but I am used to see them on SM scout bodies for such a long time that they seem out of place.

And by the way these metlaguns are HUGE! Are they from Forge World?

Frag_Dad said...

Funnily enough, I thought the same thing about the meltaguns - for some reason, they look really, really large here. A couple I've used are Black Templars ones (the only ones I could get my hands on at the time), hence the skull and ribbon at the bottom of the tubing, but the guns themselves are the same size as the IG ones. Must be the posing or something...

The Antipope said...

Hehe, weird! I've used the metallic one from Games Workshop. They are quite large too so I had to cut them up a bit so they could fit to the Cadian arms but still not quite as big as yours.

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