Monday, April 26, 2010

It's For Your Own Good... (To Check Out My Commissar)

See what I did there? Unfortunately for you, I don't shy away from lame humour...

Anyway, I've finished the Commissar I showed you here. Here he is - Commissar Waechter!

For those of you playing at home, the reds and blacks were done in the following way:

1. Basecoat with Mechrite Red. Even though this is a foundation paint, I found it needed a couple of coats to get good coverage. Make sure you thin it down though, so the finish is smooth.
2. Highlight with 50:50 Mechrite Red and Blood Red.
3. Highlight with pure Blood Red.
4. Highlight with Dheneb Stone mixed with a little Blood Red.
5. Finally, highlight very carefully with Dheneb Stone. I went for an off-white in this case because I thought pure white would be a bit too bright.

Don't worry if the original layer of Mechrite looks a little dull - once you add the Blood Red, it brightens up a lot! (Compare the last photo I showed you to this one).

For highlighting the black, I used a colour called Payne's Grey. It is a very, very dark blue - it looks black at a glance. I bought a tube of it from my local art store.

1. The basecoat was kept as the chaos black spray I primed the model with.
2. The highlights were then done starting from Payne's Grey, progressively adding more and more Adeptus Battlegrey to the mix. Highlighting with a blue shade rather than just grey gives more depth to the black. I did 4 layers - they were: pure Payne's Grey, and then 3 layers with roughly the following ratios of Payne's Grey and Adeptus Battlegrey: 70:30, 50:50, 20:80.

That's it! I've got at least one more Commissar to do, so he'll get a post once I get around to him. As always, thanks for looking - and please leave any thoughts or questions you might have in the comments box!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Down, Way Too Many to Go...

But at least it's progress! I've finally happy to call one of my models complete - my first Guardsman! Here he is:

I don't have too much to say about him at this point, but I'd love to hear your opinions - that includes any critical feedback you might have! Keep an eye out for a stage-by-stage painting guide for my Guardsmen, I'll get it up soon.

P.S. - I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately, I'll try to get them coming regularly again!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progress Bar (Hopefully More Accurate Than the Microsoft One...)

Sorry for being so quiet, but I've had little time for modelling over the last couple of weeks!

Inspired by many other blogs which indicate the progress through an army, I've decided to add my own. On the right you'll see my 1,500 point army list and the stage that each unit is currently at. Hopefully it will keep me on track and away from building units that I don't actually need just yet!

The bars sit at the point at which I'm currently at. The 'A' Stands for assembly; 'P' for painting and 'F' for - you guessed it - finished. So if a unit is sitting on A, I'm either assembling it as we speak, or have completed assembly but haven't started painting; you get the idea. Hopefully they'll start filling up soon!

I'll make each button a link to the relevant post at some point, but can't be motivated right now...