Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Down, Way Too Many to Go...

But at least it's progress! I've finally happy to call one of my models complete - my first Guardsman! Here he is:

I don't have too much to say about him at this point, but I'd love to hear your opinions - that includes any critical feedback you might have! Keep an eye out for a stage-by-stage painting guide for my Guardsmen, I'll get it up soon.

P.S. - I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately, I'll try to get them coming regularly again!


Master Darksol said...

Is that an intended camo pattern on the shoulderpads?

If so, it looks awesome. If not, you should consider calling it "intended" because it looks awesome ;)

Great job, if you can keep that quality up for the whole army, you'll be my personal hero.

the other Kevin said...

Great for urban warfare, which is my preference. So, I like!

CommissarHarris said...

Nice choice of palette, Blues and greys with a touch of green. Excellent weathering on the armour plates, with what looks like a multi tone rust effect and "chipping" on the Decals
Nice Layering technique on the cloth, a little heavy for my taste but sure to create a positive and striking effect from the table top view.
Flesh works well. neither too light or too dark.
The Base and the boots. What environment did you have in mind? It looks like you were aiming for very wet mud? but its too shiny it fails to give the impression of mud in scale.

Overall this model would definitely be an eye catcher.

CommissarHarris said...

Oh and I forgot to add, More please! I am particularly interested in a how too.

Frag_Dad said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@Darksol: it's actually meant to be chipped paint/rust on the shoulderpads (and the rest of the model) but I'm glad you like the effect!

@Kevin: I'm glad you like it - it's meant to be a trench warfare theme (hence the mud) but with a different style of base he could easily be a urban warfare trooper!

@CommissarHarris: thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Do you think I should remove the gloss from the mud entirely, or just go with a satin finish? (It's currently gloss). I'm hoping to have a how to up in the next week or two.

CommissarHarris said...

I'd consider dry brushing with gloss or targeting the gloss in areas where water has pooled. Wet earth tends towards darker shades of the Green/Brown spectrum

King's Standard Bearer said...

great colour scheme, good technique, nice face work, nice use of transfers. all round very good job! look forward to more!
and dont appologise for not posting regularly. iv all but given hope of picking up my paintbrush in the near future so my posts are way thinner on the ground than yours!!!

Frag_Dad said...

Thanks KSB! We've got a long weekend in Australia, so fingers crossed that I might be able to finish a few more Guardsmen by the time I have to go back to work!

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