Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Workspace

OK, I'll admit it - this is really just to get my blog at the top of the blogrolls again... I stuffed up with the publishing scheduler (why can't Americans do the date properly?) and removed one of my posts. This meant that my post about Commissar Volkov (below, and which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out!) didn't get advertised properly.

While I'm here, however, I thought I'd show you a pic of my workspace which I snapped a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned my table up and, taking advantage of a rare opportunity when one can see the table without all of the mess, decided to take a photo to show you the tools and materials I like to keep handy:

All the bits and pieces are as follows:

A: Wet palette. If you're interested, check out how I made it here.
B: Paint brushes, of various sizes.
C: Sculpting tools - both silicone-tipped and metal. I'll discuss these in the near future!
D: Basing and detailing materials: a tub of water-filter contents (used for rivets), modelling snow, static grass and basing sand. Behind that there's a bottle of water effect and plaster that I use for the mud on my bases.
E: Paints!
F: Brush on varnishes, and weathering pigments.
G: Glues, hobby knife, spare blades, files and a toothbrush. "Toothbrush?" I hear you ask. That's right - I use it when I'm cleaning the mould lines off models, as it helps to get rid of all the shavings!
H: Drill, drill bits, razor saw and mitre box (used to cut materials at different angles accurately).
I: Pliers and clippers.
J: Tweezers.
K: Various types of wire.
L: Plasticard rods and tubes.
M: Craft mat.
N: Whatever I'm currently painting!

And that's about it. I realise this wasn't the most interesting post ever, but I like seeing people's workspaces - it gives a bit of an insight into the person behind the models, in my opinion!

Until next time, take it easy!


the other Kevin said...

Nice bit of work area. I'm sure having all your paints immediately available, and the color visible, is a great advantage.

Frag_Dad said...

What's particularly nice is that it's facing the TV! It does come in handy having most things within arm's reach, I find I get distracted too much if I have to get up to fetch things...

The Antipope said...

Wow, this is a very neat and tidy working area. Mine is just a pile of mess. If my wife didn't tidy it up every now and then I don't think I'd be able to find anything. I tried to organise it a few times but entropy always gets the best of me...t

Frag_Dad said...

I can assure you it doesn't usually look like this! Every now and then I get frustrated about not being able to find things, however, which sends me into a cleaning frenzy!

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