Monday, September 27, 2010

Command Squad Veterans

Last week I showed you Captain Shout, my Company Commander, so here's the rest of his squad. Being veterans, I wanted to make them stand out so I used a variety of bits to differentiate them from the rest of my force, and hopefully make them look battle-hardened!

For those interested, they've got Space Marine Scout heads, Catachan legs (I like these for veterans as they have lots of pouches already on them) and various backpacks and other bits and pieces.

In the interests of making these guys stand out, I decided to soup up the squad's voxcaster as well. I added an extra antenna from some guitar string and made the knob at the end with some plasticard rod. It's very long, but I quite like it - it will help with long-range communications across the battlefield!

Monday, September 20, 2010

C Company Commander - Captain Shout!

Here's the man in charge - Captain Shout! I wanted him to stand out among my army, which is why I put him on a rock (just a bit of bark I picked up from a garden bed). I was having trouble finding good-looking debris for him to stand on that would fit on a 25mm base, so I went with this. Hopefully when it's painted up it will still fit in with the rest of the army!

The torso is a Forgeworld one, which I picked up second hand a long time ago. I hadn't planned on using it, but I saw a painted version over at the 42nd Cadian and decided I couldn't leave it out! The servo skull isn't currently attached - I plan on painting it separately, and attaching it afterwards.

For those wondering, his name is a nod to an ANZAC Captain who fought at Gallipoli and won a Victoria Cross for his bravery. For those interested, you can read about him here.

Check back the same time next week, for the rest of the command squad. Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Old-School Commissar (Thanks, eBay!)

I was browsing eBay a little while ago, and came across an out-of-production Commissar model I hadn't seen before. I liked the model immediately, and decided to get my hands on one. However, the first example I saw was in nearly new condition, and I didn't think I would want to pay the kind of money that might attract.

Fortunately for me, another person happened to have the same model up for sale. It was missing its sword, and covered in quite thick paint (which I think is why I got it so cheap in the end, it wasn't particularly recognisable) but I put a bid in and got it for 1.04GBP. Bargain!

The missing sword was OK by me - I'm not such a fan of the old style blades. I replaced it with a plastic Catachan sword. I filled in the notches on the back of this with Green Stuff, and apart from a soak in some Simple Green to strip him of paint, that was about all that needed doing!

It's a pretty neat model, and hopefully it will be somewhat unique amongst my local gaming crowd! Watch this space for a picture of him painted up.