Monday, October 11, 2010

Death's Head Veteran Squad - First Member

Not feeling like painting the other night, I got to work on the first of member of my second veteran squad. After seeing these great stormtroopers by jdteixeira over at the Work In Progress forums, I've been wanting to use the idea of Necron Warrior heads for a while - a veteran squad felt like the perfect time to break them out!

He's got a shotgun I converted up as described in this guide, and a bit of green stuffing and plasticard work as well. The Necron Warrior heads need a bit of sculpting as they have no neck, and I bulked out the rear of the heads to look like fully-enclosed helmets. Let me know what you think! The bandolier was made in a similar way to the shell holder on the side of the shotgun. I had to repair the forearm as well, because it is the sergeant's arm from the troop box and removing the insignia just left a flat area that didn't look right.

This squad will probably go together quite slowly, as I want to make painting what I've already built my priority for the time being. I'll be adding updates as they get done though!


Spyrle said...

Wow! He looks great. Much better than my WIP veteran squad. :( The details are awesome. Nice job on the bandolier for the shotgun shells. I like the necron head swap, do you plan on adding the gas mask nozzles or are thier helmets just for intimidation value?

Frag_Dad said...

Thanks mate - I'm pretty happy with him so far! I'm not sure what you're asking about with the nozzles? The masks are there just to look scary :P. I won't be adding anything else, and this guy is ready for painting (when I get around to it!)

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