Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cadian 77th Expeditionary Force

Well as it turns out, starting a blog just before you move house isn't exactly conducive to regular posting. Sorry about that!

Anyway, I'm basically all moved in now, with a dedicated 40k workspace so that should help me get moving with the army! Speaking of which, I promised last time I'd tell you a little bit about them.

The background story for my army was something I came up with to give me some good modelling opportunities and vice-versa, but I wanted the army to still be tied to Cadia somehow - I'm using Cadian models, after all. The idea is that the 77th Cadian Expeditionary Force was sent to an agri-world called Ordantas - close to the Eye of Terror - after a Chaos incursion there. Once they got there though, they were cut off from Cadia by a shift in the Warp.

Realising they were stuck indefinitely, the 77th integrated into the local populace. Several generations later, access to Ordantas was regained and the Imperium found a world entirely covered by a battlefield. The ground is criss-crossed by an extensive trench network, with the ground churned up by gunfire to mud and dirt. The Ordantans and the 77th had constructed large underground living spaces, where they produced barely enough food to survive, but which offered shelter from the ongoing war on the surface.

Every person on Ordantas has grown up in the midst of a brutal war against the forces of Chaos. They are tough soldiers, as the weak simply don't survive. Realising the quality of these troops, they have since been employed by the Imperium as a fighting force throughout the Galaxy, earning the respect and admiration of those they serve with and protect.


So with this force I basically wanted to convert and paint an army of tough, hardened troops. The bases will be covered with mud, barbed wire, duckboards etc. To convey the look of an army that's seen a lot of fighting, they will have chipped armour and 'used' looking equipment. At the same time though, I want the troops to have some level of uniformity. Consequently, the basic troops all have the same kit-out, but I'm doing conversions of arm poses and the like to hopefully produce some interesting looking guys.

For veterans, I'm being a bit more creative and doing more extensive modelling to set them apart, but with a theme tying them together.

Anyway that's enough writing for now, I'll talk more about the individual units as I get photos of them up! Here's another group of troops I painted a long time ago, they still need some work but will do for now!


Max said...

Looks nice, especially the highlighting job.

Frag_Dad said...

Cheers! As you'll see a bit later, I'm not happy with how I've done the armour on these guys - I'll paint it differently in the future (and redo the ones I've already painted) which will hopefully improve them!

King's Standard Bearer said...

looking like some good work there.
get yourself over to my blog, my posts are very few and far between since december but there's some stuff there that should interest you, as its purely imperial guard with a couple of nice conversions etc!
Im now following yours so hope to see more of this soon!!

Craig @

Col. Corbane said...

Love the fluff you've come up with, and the models are excellent even if you don't like them.

One thing, it's they've been battling for generations and been cut off, wouldn't they look a bit more ragged tagged?

Frag_Dad said...

Cheers Col. Corbane! I'll be doing some weathering etc. to their equipment to make it look a bit older etc., but I'm waiting until I've got the basic painting done. I admit, they do look a bit too fresh currently!

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